CPCD-004 浅見光人/Asami Mitzhito:Gloria in Excelsis Deo

浅見光人/ASAMI Mitzhito alto Saxophone unaccompanied


1.Gloria in Excelsis Deo  by ASAMI 1997. (4:52)

2.De las luces que en el mar  by Juan HIDALGO 1675.(3:05)

3.遠くまで歩く/Waliking,so far by ASAMI 1996~7.(4:49)

4.朧(おぼろ)/Moonlit;doudy,misty by ASAMI 2000.(8:14)

5.Bruach na Carriage baine by irish traditional song in Country Tyrone 1666? (2:28)

6.Darling by ASAMI 1999. (2:10)

7.暮色(くれいろ)/Shade pale of Twilight by ASAMI 1996.(6:23)

8.Rondino(uber ein thema von Beethoven) by Fritz Kreisler(2:04)

9.未彫刻のアリア/Unsculptured Aria by ASAMI 1991~7.(11:22)

10.(she's in love with me and)I feel fine by John Lennon&Paul 

McCartney 1964.(2:13)


ASAMI Mitzhito

alto saxophone:henri selmer mark Ⅶ silver plated 'LAUREN'





All tracks are whole one take,unedited versions,There are no overdubs.