CPCD-011 Guillermo Gregorio,Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic,Todd Capp:Futura Spartan Suite

1 Doors  
2 Atlantis  
3 Micro-Suite  
4 Breathing Under Water  
5 Lost Transcript  
6 Futura Spartan  
7 G.G.  
8 Guillermo  
9 Chasing Shadows  
10 Daily Chem Trails  
11 I See Light In You L  
12 The Prince Of Buenos Aires  
13 Ulysses's Bow  
14 Twilight Doors  

Guillermo Gregorio(cl),Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic(b),Todd Capp(ds)の三人による(一部Cappが抜ける曲あり。)クールな音の交感。全14曲と、短めの曲が並び、組曲となっている。



Jazz Tokyo 及川公生氏の録音評はこちら





GUILLERMO GREGORIO / NICOLAS LETMAN-BURTINOVIC / TODD CAPP - Futura Spartan Suite (Chap Chap 011; USA/Japan) Featuring Guillermo Gregorio on clarinet, Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic on contrabass & effects and Todd Capp on drums. Since moving here from Chicago a couple of years back, clarinetist Guillermo Gregorio, has been playing more often around town but no recording as much as he used to. On the other hand, former French-based bassist, who has lived here for a while now, has left us with a half dozen discs with different personnel on each one. Original Downtown drummer, Todd Capp, was involved in the loft jazz scene of the seventies and then seemed to have disappeared for a long while. Mr. Capp has made up for long time during the past decade, playing and recording with a host of often younger musicians not bound by any one style of genre. More recently Mr. Capp has been working with cornetist Kurt Ralske, as well as a number of electronics/laptop players.

   Even before moving here, Mr Gregorio and Mr. Letman-Burtinovic, had been playing together, rehearsing and working their way through each others compositions and improvisations. Hence, their is a tight bond between them can often be heard or felt throughout this disc. This is, I believe, a studio recording and the sound is splendid, close mic’d, warm and perfectly balanced. The ongoing conversation between the clarinet and contrabass is tight yet spacious, as both players weave their way carefully around one another. Drummer Todd Capp is a great listener, often staying in the background yet also providing an immensely sympathetic cushion of interaction. The clarinet and bass often take their time to stretch out their notes, calm yet focused, It feels as if time is slowing down here as the duo & trio play long tones, cautiously bending their notes together into a distinctive combined sound. There are a number of moments when Guillermo is bending his notes and Nicolas is being his bass, and you can’t tell who is making which sound. The exchange is extraordinary, the blend unique and surprising. Chap Chap is a legendary and hard to find Japanese label which released a number of great free/jazz Cds by Evan Parker & Han Bennink. It seems appropriate that this duo/trio would have their release found here amongst the other giants of provocative music. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG