CPCD-020 Matteo Fraboni Quintet:After The Sail


1.Blues for China     (5:56)

2.Evening Meditation   (6:31)

3.Mariarchina y el mar   (7:32)

4.Morning Meditation   (6:11)

5.Time Will Tell             (6:42)  by Bobby Watson


Mike Rossi  (tenor & Soprano sax)

Giacomo Uncini  (trumpet)

Nico Tangherlini  (piano)

Gianludovico Carmenati   (double bass)

Matteo Fraboni  (drums, compositions, band leader)


Recorded in Italy, Marche, the 2nd and 3rd of October 2021.


Thanks to Pietro De Gregorio



All compositions@matteofraboniquintet.

”Time Will Tell ”by Bobby Watson.






Matteo Fraboni Quintet Band Leader :Matteo Fraboni 



I'm extremely excited to announce that my 4th album with my Quintet as Jazz Drummer, Band Leader and Composer is out in Japan!!!

Here you can listen to the music and purchase your own copy!


The music is based on my personal life experiences during the past 3 years and I took inspiration from the people I met, the places I've been living and feelings and emotions I've been through during these incredible times we all are living!

I hope you enjoy and my music could heal your soul.

Hugs and drums!


Matteo Fraboni



Matteo Fraboni has won the Best International Album in 2012, since than he has been working with major artists in USA, Europe, Russia and India such as George Garzone, Fabio Zeppetella, Mike Rossi, Scott Hall, Sharat Chandra Srivastava and A.R.Rhaman to name a few. His popularity as band leader distinguished him for the authentic and prolific composition vein, recognised as one of the contemporary finest jazz drummer, composer and band leader. Matteo Fraboni is endorser of Vic Firth ITA and Soultone Cymbals who has recently produced his brand new signature cymbals set. You can listen and enjoy the music of the Matteo Fraboni Quintet on Spotify:


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Dr. Matteo Fraboni
International Jazz Artist
Drummer, Composer and Band Leader.
Best international Jazz Album 2012
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Matteo Fraboni


Interview with Matteo Fraboni


When and where were you born?


Bon 15th October 1983, Marche region, Italy


When did you start playing drums?


First drum class at 13


What kind of music did you grow up listening to?


Grew up listening to a radio in the afternoon who was my best friend since I was 6 years old, I was singing all the melodies, memorizing them and playing with toy instruments as a ukulele and a toy violin


Who were your musical influences?


Starting from rock pop from the 80ies, plus all progressive rock of the 70ies, until I didn’t receive formal education at the conservatory of pesaro with Bruno Tommaso and graduated at G.B. Martini conservatory of Bologna while playing with my teachers at 24. At 16yeaes old I discovered a Love supreme by John Coltrane who changed my vision on music and drumming.


About your first album


My first album recorded in Brooklyn was a big deal for me,  received many awards and consideration internationally and my intention was to play modernly but still swinging as nowadays nobody Swing’s anymore. It was a research and also a visionary work to describe how society are changing.


About the 2nd album


Latino was and is an album of HARDBOP with my original themes, it was recorded in Italy, always using my Philosophy to record live, as I search for ruoght Vynil sound in any of my productions.


About the 3rd album.


India jazz vol 1 was my first attemp to record with an Indian band in mumbai, there were a great violin player featuring us and also in this case I wanted to record the jazz music that is on the air in India.


AboutAfter The Sail


After the Sail is a metaphor of my life, is also an HARDBOP inspired work, with melodies I spontaneously sing or hear on the way in my journey in China or in the Mediterranean.


Why are you in India now?

I’m based in Goa at the moment as in India I’m used to spend my winters since 2014 working in different cultural events.


What are your future plans?



At the moment I’m writing you from Kathmandul, I’m working to record a new work dedicated to traditional folk songs of Nepal and I’m playing in town.



マッテオ・フラボーニ インタビュー

















私はペサロ音楽院でブルーノ・トマソに師事するまで正式な教育を受けなかった。24歳でボローニャのG.B. マルティーニ音楽院で先生と一緒に演奏しながら卒業しました。

16歳の時にジョン・コルトレーンのLove supremeに出会って、音楽とドラムに対する考え方が変わりました。


・ファーストアルバム「This is my music」について








3rdアルバム「India jazz vol.1」について。


India jazz vol.1」は、ムンバイでインドのバンドと初めてレコーディングしたもので、素晴らしいバイオリン奏者が参加していましたし、今回はインドで放送されているジャズ音楽を録音したかったのです。


・“After The Sail "について


After The Sail」は、私の人生のメタファーであり、中国や地中海の旅の途中で自然に歌ったり聞いたりしたメロディーにインスパイアされたハードバップです。









Mike Rossi


American born Mike Rossi is an Emeritus Professor in Jazz and Woodwinds at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He regularly performs at jazz clubs and jazz festivals and conducts workshops and master-classes in Africa, Europe and the United States. He was President of the South African Association for Jazz Education (SAJE) from 2012 to 2016. His achievements include numerous recordings, and international stage appearances as leader, soloist, and sideman with Tony Bennett, Dave Liebman, Darius Brubeck, Winston Mankunku Ngozi, George Russell, Clark Terry, Massimo Morganti, and Alessio Menconi, amongst others.

He is an exceptional saxophone and woodwind player, and artist for Rampone & Cazzani Handmade Italian saxophones. He has performed around the globe in small and large ensembles and gives workshops worldwide.  As a composer and performer he has appeared on numerous jazz and classical recordings, and has written a series of method books on jazz improvisation, with translations in other languages, along with many compositions, all published by Advance Music, Schott Music and Edition Gruber.  He has taken bands to other parts of Africa where he introduces audiences to South African standards and also plays mainstream jazz. In 2018 he became a Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy (Cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia). In 2019 he was recognised for his exceptional work in promoting jazz education in South Africa by the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival.

For the past three years he has been involved with the Kanazawa Jazz Clinic and Kanazawa Jazz Street in Japan. In 2022 Rossi will reside in Fermo, Italy with his wife Diane.






Giacomo Uncini


Giacomo Uncini Trumpet


Born in Jesi , Italy , jazz trumpet Giacomo Uncini studied  at the Conservatorio 

Rossini in Pesaro where he graduated   in Trumpet and in Jazz Composition, 

 studied with the great Italian composer and arranger Bruno Tommaso.

In 2008 he received a scholarship to the prestigious New School For Jazz and 

Contemporary Music in New York , where he studied for 2 semesters with teachers 

such as Cecil Bridgewater , Charles Tolliver , Reggie Workman , Vic Juris among 


In 2009 he came back in Italy where he played as session musician and as soloist 

with Big Bands and small bands and with his own quartet . In the same year he 

formed the Spinning 5tet  with legendary  pianist Mike Melillo  . The group recorded

an Album intitledNice if you Can, with music arranged by Melillo , including 

compositions by Melillo and Herbie Nichols .

In 2014 Uncini recordedIndian Summerhis first album as a leader for Italian Label 

Notami  Records featuring  drummer Massimo Manzi and poli-instrumentalist  Giulio 

Carmassi, former member of the 2014  Pat Metheny  Unity Group .

Giacomo Uncini played in numerous festivals and jazzclubs  including Umbria Jazz ,

Blue Note( Milan) , Gregorys (Rome) , Fano Jazz By the Sea  , Iseo Jazz Festival , 

Ancona Jazz  Festival , Villa Celimontana Jazz Fest. , Barga Jazz  , Bergamo Jazz ,

Sweet rhytmn (NY) , Poggiardo Jazz Festival , Bravo Cafe(Bologna) , 

Archiduc Jazz Club (Bruxelles) and more .

He has collaborated with musicians such as Franco Cerri , Roberto Rossi , Gege 

Munari ,Eyal  Vilner,  Marcella Carboni ,Gianni Giudici , Andrea Molinari , Massimo 

Morganti , Bruno Tommaso  ,Colours Jazz  Orchestra , Massimo Manzi , 

Mike Melillo ,Adam Pache , Marco Vaggi , Tony Arco , Riccione Jazz Orchestra ,

Ryan Truesdell , Jazz Inc. , among others .




Nico Tangherlini  


Nico Tangherlini starts to play the piano at an early age, first by studying classical music and the deepening jazz attending courses with great musicians. He graduates in classical music at the "G. Rossini" Conservatory and in jazz music at the "L. D'Annunzio" Conservatory. He had the oppurtunity to collaborate with several musicians inclunding Emanuele Cisi, Jesper Bodilsen and Bebo Ferra.



Double bass player

Gianludovico Carmenati


Graduated in double bass, in jazz disciplines and in arrangement and direction of jazz orchestra. He has performed in numerous Italian festivals, reviews, theaters and jazz clubs, playing and collaborating, even occasionally, with numerous artists including:  Patrizio Fariselli, Roberto Vecchioni, Bruno Tommaso, Franco Cerri, Rez Abbasi, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Paolo Di Sabatino, Matteo Fraboni, Alessandro Paternesi, Nunzio Barbieri (Manomanouche), Valerio Scrignoli, Giuseppe Cistola, Giacinto Cistola,  Giacomo Rotatori, Samuele Garofoli, Giacomo Uncini, Antonio Occhiuto, Elisa Tonelli, Jean Gambini,  Simone la Maida, Marco Postacchini, Marco Tamburini, Massimo Morganti, Roberto Livraghi,  Sara Marini,  Lorenzo Fontana (Ostinato) ,. He has recorded as "sideman" several jazz music records and as leader of his ensemble the disc: "In The Afternoon" (Rara Records, 2017). He has been collaborating with the drummer and composer Matteo Fraboni for years taking part in the recording (as a double bass player) of two of his records: Latino (2015) and After the Sail (2022).