Rick Countryman 2

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Rick Countryman&Sabu Toyozumi:I am Village (FMR 605)

Rick Countryman(as)

Sabu Toyozumi(ds,Erhu/二胡)


Recorded 03/03/2020

Live at Balete, Kamias in Quezon City,Philippines by Alvin Cornista.

Art work by Sabu Toyozumi


Jazz Wordのレヴューはこちら

Jazz a Parisのレヴューはこちら



Christian Bucher,Simon Tan&Rick Countryman:Acceptance-Resistance  (improvising beings ib53)

Recorded July 24, 2016 at Strawberry Jams Studio, in a live format, Quenzon City, the Philippines.

Sabu Toyozumi&Rick Countryman:Search For The Five Senses (Sol Disk SD1811)


Christian Bucher&Rick Countryman:Estuary


Recorded on July 13, 2017 in a live format, in the Philippines.


Sabu Toyozumi&Rick Countryman:Jya-Ne


Recorded on August 11 & 12 2017 in a live format in the Philippines.


Christian Bucher,Simon Tan&Rick Countryman:Tributary


Recorded July 12, 2017 in Quezon City, Philippines, in a live format.


Christian Bucher,Simon Tan&RickCountryman:Empaty(FMR FMRCD555-1119)


Recorded July 20, 2019
at Strawberry Jams Studio in Quezon City, Philippines


Sabu Toyozumi&Rick Countryman:Sol Abstruction(Sol Disk SD-1901)



Sabu Toyozumi,Simon Tan,Yong Yandsen&Rick Countryman:reAbstruction(FMR FMRCD584-0520)


Recorded 03/02/2020 live in the Philippines


Christian Bucher,Simon Tan&Rick Countryman:Blue Spontaneity (FMR FMRCD579-0520)


Recorded July 2019,
Strawberry Jams Studio, Philippines



Sabu Toyozumi,Simon Tan&Rick Countryman:Turtle Bird(FMR FMRCD-573-0120)

  • Artwork [Art Work By] – Jörg Wand
  • Liner Notes [English] – Countryman Rick
  • Recorded By [Recorded By Engineer], Engineer [Recorded By Engineer] – Alvin Cornista
  • ds.erhu-Sabu Toyozumi
  • acoustic bass-Simon Tan


recorded on December 12, 2018
live in the Philippines at Tago Jazz Café



Lao Dan,Rick Countryman,Colin Webster:Saxophone Anatomy(Armageddon Nova AN-R-6)


  • Track 1: recorded at China LiaoNing Military Shelter on 1st May 2017.
    Track 2: recorded at Strawberry Jams Music Studio in Quezon City, Phillipines.
    Track 3: recorded by Alex Clegg at Sound Savers, London on 29th July 2017.